DIVA-92: Lara vs Roxy

Competitive female wrestling, pins and submissions | 20:20 min 


Fighting Divas

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Roxy is a guest in our Divas fight studio. Eva is exhausted from a previous strenuous fight and Roxy has offered to massage her on the mat to relax. Then our Diva Lara comes into the room and is not very enthusiastic. A fight breaks out between Roxy and Lara. Both are wearing judo kimonos and a fight ensues between the two. The rules in this competitive wrestling battle are for pins to 10 and submissions. After the first point, the fight continues without the trousers. Later, the top is removed and both fightgirls continue the fight topless, dressed only in strings. In the end you will see a clear happy winner and a great victory pose.

Length: 20:20 min

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4



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