DIVA-89: Eva vs Roxy & Jennifer

Competitive female 2vs1 fight, pins and submissions | 40:24 min 


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Roxy is in the studio with Jennifer to teach Jennifer new holds. Both have met on the mat to train. Both wear black leggings and a sports top. Then Eva comes into the studio. Eva sees the training and does not agree. She thinks she is the best fighter in the studio and challenges them to a 2vs1 fight. Eva defines the rules for this full competitive wrestling fight. The rules are for submissions and pins to 10. She allows the two to fight her 5 times together, then for a full minute each time. For this she gets a 6 point advantage at the beginning. And the team members can take turns shaking hands at any time, while Eva cannot rest. For the first time Eva allows that even if both fight her at the same time, all kinds of submissions such as double leg scissors are allowed against her. This will be a real endurance fight for Eva today, for about 30 min. Eva starts directly topless at the beginning. Points are falling on both sides and it is an exciting and grueling fight for all. At the end, Eva is very exhausted, but you can also see the effort in the other two. The video ends with a review of the fight from all three.

Length: 40:24 min

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4



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