DIVA-80: Lara vs Natalie

Competitive female catfight, submissions | 23:28 min 


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The video starts with our Diva Natalie wetting herself in the pool and cooling off. Then she goes to the seating area with the other two Divas, Amanda and Lara. When Natalie sits down on the couch with her wet body, Lara is horrified. An argument begins that ends in a fight on the mat. It’s a real and competitive female catfight for submissions only. Immediately after the first point, another talk begins. After that, the fight continues again and shortly both are topless. Lara is taller and heavier, and she has very strong legs that are very dangerous for any opponent. But Natalie has learned quickly and is fast and flexible on the mat. And Natalie is a great catfighter with also strong legs. But will this be enough for Lara today, who will win this outdoor catfight?

Length: 23:28 min

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4



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