DIVA-79: Amanda vs Eva

Competitive female wrestling, submissions | 22:37 min 


Fighting Divas

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The video starts on a sunny day with Amanda doing different fitness exercises in the garden on the lawn in front of the mat. Eva watches from the couch. After some time Eva goes to Amanda. Both wear sexy hot pants and skimpy tops. Eva thinks that Amanda is doing the exercises wrong and shows her how to do it right. Then they both do push-ups against each other to see who is better. Both then want to test on the mat who is the better Diva in a wrestling outdoor fight. The rules are for all submissions, but no pin counting. You will see different fight techniques that lead to points, such as leg scissors, head scissors and camel clutch. After the fight you see a sexy strong victory pose. After the battle both Divas cool off in the pool.

Length: 22:37 min

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4



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