DIVA-78: Nikki vs Eva

Competitive female catfight, submissions | 30:27 min 


Fighting Divas

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Eva and Nikki are sitting on the mat for a joint interview before the fight. This catfight is the rematch from the wrestling fight between both, but now with catfight rules. Nikki and Eva wear sexy and skimpy underwear. The interview is followed by a staredown on the mat and then the competitive catfight begins. The fighting rules are for submission only. The catfight is balanced and both girls score points. The winner is determined by the last point, which is why in the end both fighters fight to exhaustion and the catfight becomes longer as planned. Both are heavily exhausted at the end. At the end the winner sits on the loser with a great pose.

Length: 30:27 min

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4



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