DIVA-74: Riana vs Eva

Competitive female catfight, submissions  | 25:25 min 


Fighting Divas

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In the beginning Eva sits in the Diva fightstudio on the mat and calls Riana. Eva asks Riana for a rematch to see again who is the better fighter. Riana accepts and drives to the studio. After a short time Riana arrives at the studio, where Eva is already waiting. Riana is allowed to define the rules for this competitive rematch. She decides on a real catfight to challenge Eva to the maximum. The rules are set for submissions only. The fight starts with a heavy trash talk and soon both fightergirls are topless. The catfight is extremely close and both score a lot of points. The longer the fight goes, the more exhausted both become. The decision comes in the very last minutes. Who wins, who loses or do both Divas come out of this great, exciting and exhausting fight with a draw?

Length: 25:25 min

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4



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