DIVA-72: Riana vs Laura B.

Competitive female wrestling, pins and submission | 19:28 min 


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The fight starts with a stare down before Riana pours out the water from the glass on the mat. Laura starts directly topless in this competitive wrestling fight. The rules are for pins to 10 and submissions. it’s a battle of big and heavy versus small and light. Mass and weight against fight skill, stamina and speed. Laura is more than 30kg heavier than Riana. Riana gets help by the wet fighting mat, which quickly leads to wet sexy bodies and slippery conditions in the fight. Of course it also helps Riana, that besides pins also submissions are allowed. Laura has less fighting skills than Riana. But will this be enough to win this fight, or makes Laura Riana flat and leave the mat as winner. Both fightgirls are exhausted and wet in the end. In the finale you will see a short winning pose from the winner.

Length: 19:28 min

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4


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