DIVA-65: Eva vs Jennifer & Lara

Competitive female 2vs1 fight, pins & submission | 31:44 min 


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Jennifer and Lara leave the house in the evening, watched by Eva. Eva takes the chance and enters the house in a short, unobserved moment to steal valuable things as a thief. Unfortunately, the two have forgotten a mobile phone and go back into the house. There they discover Eva in the living room, just as she is about to steal the mobile phone. The team decides to fight for the mobile phone in a 2vs1 fight. If Eva wins, she can take it. If she loses, she will go naked. Eva agrees to this tough fighting challenge.

The full competitive wrestling fight starts with the rules for pins to 10 and submission. The team can fight together 6x for one minute, then only for pin to 10. The fightgirls Jennifer and Lara can take turns by handshake at any time. The team partner is not allowed to leave the couch during the fight. After a short time Eva is fighting topless, later also the fighting team fights topless. In the end you will see a great domination scene from the winner.

Length: 31:44 min

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4


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