DIVA-63: Lara vs Eva

Competitive female wrestling, pins and submissions | 23:46 min 


Fighting Divas

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Lara sits on the couch in the house and reads a magazine. Meanwhile, Eva comes into the room dressed in a towel and then takes a shower. In the bathroom, Eva finds that there is no soap. Eva goes back and complains. It comes to a quarrel and then to the fight in the living room directly in front of the sofa. Both girls start from the beginning topless. It’s a real wrestling fight, fully competitive. The rules are for pins to 5 and submissions. Both have a lot of combat experience and know many fight techniques. And we all know that Lara has incredibly strong legs. Will that be a problem for Eva? At the end you have a short conversation which finally ends the dispute.

Length: 23:46 min 

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4


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