DIVA-61: Natalie vs Riana

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Competitive female catfight, submissions | 27:46 min 


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Natalie is lying on the sofa in the apartment watching a film on tv. She plays with the remote control. Natalie is lying under a warm blanket, dressed only in sexy underwear. Riana comes into the living room and is amazed by Natalie’s behavior. Riana is wearing black leggings. There is a dispute between these two Divas over the remote control. This develops into an emotional catfight on the sofa and on the mat at the floor. The rules in this competitive female catfight are for submissions only, with a lot of hard hair pulling from both. Really fast, both fightergirls are topless.

Length: 27:46 min

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4


1 review for DIVA-61: Natalie vs Riana

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    Very sexy catfight. Both girls looks beautiful in their sexy panties. Once Natalie learns to pull hair she will be very exciting to watch. Great fight from both girls with 1 girl more aggressive

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