DIVA-46: Riana vs Chloe

Competitive female wrestling, submissions | 20:57 min 


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Riana is lying on the lounger in the garden and playing with her smartphone in the sun. Chloe comes back from the gym and stretches next to Riana in the sun. Both get into an argument. Thus, both Divas decide to settle the dispute on the mat. In a competitive outdoor wrestling fight in the garten. The rules are submissions only. Riana, of course, has a great advantage in experience and fight techniques, but Chloe is not afraid of that. In the middle of the fIght, both girls end up in the pool, where the fight continues wildly. After that it goes on with wet bodys on the mat. At the end both fighters are exhausted and wet, but the fight is decided

Length: 20:57 min 

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4


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