DIVA-43: Eva vs Riana & Lara

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Competitive female 2vs1 fight, pins & submission | 37:05 min 


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And once again Eva faces an unfair 2vs1 fight with full competitive rules. But you know that Eva has big knowledge of handicap tag team fights in which she competes alone against a team of two fighters. Today it’s again Riana, but for this battle she makes common cause with Lara to give Eva a real run for her money. The rules for this wrestling fight are again for pins to 10 and submission. The team is late for the start. And on top of that Eva had to walk through the rain, so Eva is already annoyed at the beginning. After the fight you can see a victory pose from the winner.

Special rules: Eva has a lead of 4 points at the beginning. The team can change at any time by handshake at the edge of the mat and can also fight together 6 times for one minute each, then only on pins to 10.

Length: 37:05 min 

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4

2 reviews for DIVA-43: Eva vs Riana & Lara

  1. MAXSTEELPSY (verified owner)

    Great 2vs1 match. Eva is outnumbered but she gives it her all during the entire match. Riana and Lara are a strong tag team and they waste no opportunity to wrestle Eva and score points. Kudos to all 3.

  2. Torius (verified owner)

    An excellent 2vs1 match. Eva is faced with strong opposition but she still manages to put up on hell of a fight. Same with Riana and Lara who are wasting no time and try to pin/submit Eva with every chance they get. A must watch match for 2vs1 lovers. Excellent work!

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