DIVA-41: Eva vs Roxy

Competitive female wrestling, pins and submission | 23:05 min 


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Roxy is in our studio as a visitor for fights with the Divas. Eva starts by warming up and talking to Lara and Riana, who are sitting at the table. Then Roxy comes in. After a short talk both start fighting with sport tops and shorts. Later both fighters strip down to topless. The competitive wrestling fight is for pins to 10 and submission. Roxy is a little smaller and lighter than Eva, but she has incredible fitness and stamina. She also brings more than 15 years of fighting experience in this fight. You will see in this fight that Roxy has a lot of knowledge for pins. On the other hand we know that Eva absolutely hates to be pinned and is an expert at getting out of pins. So it will be an interesting fight that will be very pin heavy. But there are also submission holds to be seen. In the end there is a victory posing from the winner.

Length: 23:05 min 

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4


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