DIVA-30: Lara vs Eva

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Competitive female catfight, submissions | 25:03 min 


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Lara sits at the table in the fightstudio and is looking at her phone. Then Eva comes in and a dispute begins with trash talk. After this short beginning the competitive catfight between these two Divas starts. You can see hard hair pulling in this match. The rules are for submissions only. This is the first catfight from Lara vs Eva in our studio. Lara is taller and heavier than Eva and has also excellent experience in catfighting. For booth, especially for Eva it was not easy and a hard time on the mat. After the fight there is a domination round for the winner over the loser for about 2min.

Length: 25:03 min 

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4

1 review for DIVA-30: Lara vs Eva

  1. OK! (verified owner)

    The catfighting here is not a violent brawl but rough wrestling where holding your opponent by the hair is allowed.
    Both Lara and Eva master this style very well and this results in a match that is every bit as competitive as it looks sexy.
    The video has a short story line, but just with the right touch. It never overtakes the action.
    Great stuff!

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