DIVA-25: Eva vs Riana & Sandra

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Competitive female 2vs1 fight, pins & submission | 36:33 min 


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After the first competitive 2vs1 fight in Diva-16 again Eva is challenged to a second handicap wrestling fight. Eva has extensive knowledge of unfair fights in which she competes alone against a team of two fighters, so she accepts Riana’s request directly. But today Riana has chosen a stronger Diva as her partner, it’s Sandra. Also she takes Eva’s statement from the last fight and reduces Eva’s lead from 6 to 1 point. The match rules are again for pins to 10 and submission. Before the fight there is a short interview with the team without Eva and after a warm up of Eva on the mat in the studio. In the end you can see a victory pose from the winner.

Special rules: Eva has a lead of one point at the beginning. The team can change at any time by handshake at the edge of the mat and can also fight together 6 times for one minute each, then only on pins.

Length: 36:33 min 

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4

2 reviews for DIVA-25: Eva vs Riana & Sandra

  1. LittleMac (verified owner)

    An excellent fight. Eva really shows her stamina taking on two women for 30 mins. I don’t know how she even survived to the end. Great matching team outfits and lots of angry exchanges and desperate struggles. Sandra is a wrecking machine with the pins and scissors and Riana is brutally aggressive. A must watch.

  2. MAXSTEELPSY (verified owner)

    I love 2vs1 fights and the one-sided dominations that come from them. And this is one hard match for Eva. Riana and Sandra team up effectively and manage to cause Eva quite the displeasure. Make no mistake though. Eva in these matches is a pure lioness and she gives the 2 a run for their money. Great match.

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