DIVA-22: Eva vs Riana

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Competitive female catfight, wet bodys | 17:31 min 


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And again Eva and Riana meet on our mat in our fightstudio. This time it is the first fight of both with wet bodies. It is a catfight with the rules for pins to 10 and headscissors. Both are very experienced in catfighting and therefore it is not surprising that it goes wild in this fight. Points are scored on both sides. It is an even fight. And the fight takes place without a pause or interruption.

Length: 17:31 min 

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4

1 review for DIVA-22: Eva vs Riana

  1. Federico

    Fantastic match between experienced curvy ladies. There is no holding back. Rough action from start to finish with a brutal decisive hold and hard feelings between the fighters. Lovely!

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