DIVA-20: Riana vs Sandra

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Competitive female catfight, submissions | 28:18 min 


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A new wild catfight from our Diva fightstudio. It is a competitive fight with Riana vs Sandra. For Sandra is this match the first one on our mat. But she is not new and knows really good how to fight. The rules are for submissions only. It is a wild and exciting catfight for both of our Divas. So wild that even our curtain has to suffer. We had shortly to interrupt the fight here, but you can see the situation in the movie. It is anything but not an easy fight for Riana. Sandra is strong, has a good technique and is about 8 kg heavier. But Riana is also a great catfighter.

Length: 28:18 min 

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4

3 reviews for DIVA-20: Riana vs Sandra

  1. Skorpion (verified owner)

    The best fight I ‘ve seen on this page. Both girls are fighting with much spirit and no one wants to surrender. But the winner lets her rival no chance, so she must suffer in several holds. I’m looking forward for more videos from both girls. And I’m curious, what happens, when Sandra meets Eva on the mat.

  2. LittleMac (verified owner)

    A really tough fight for one diva with both really struggling to win. An unexpected result as well. Excellent battle.

  3. MikeM

    Riana is as always doing a fantastic fight. Love to see more from her.

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