DIVA-17: Eva vs Riana

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Competitive female catfight, submissions | 24:54 min 


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This is the revenge fight from the first match Eva vs Riana, in DIVA-09. It’s also again a tough catfight. And here also again Eva and Riana face each other on the mat in our fightstudio with a lot of trash talk. The rules today are submissions only, no counting pins. And of course one of the two wants to show that she can of course also win. Who wants to lose twice in a row. But the opponent of course wants to win again and really show that she is the better one. The female catfight starts with a short interview on the couch. There is a close result at the end, The fight is exciting until the end and completely even.

Length: 24:54 min 

Quality: 1080p High Quality MP4

3 reviews for DIVA-17: Eva vs Riana

  1. LittleMac (verified owner)

    Another fantastic fight between these two ladies. I expected the score to be closer after the first fight and it was. One lady shows that she is the better fighter by the end with a dominant final point.

  2. FemalekickboxingFemalegrapplingandcatfightingfan

    I like that both girls strip down their clothes during the fight. But what I like most is the fact that in none of the fights you produce the women are completely naked.

  3. MikeM

    Great match with great clothes and a challenging result. Love to see more from Eva against Riana. Always a good combination with real fighting spirit.

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